Sunday, 14 June 2009

Buenas noches señorita!

... which, for those who don't speak Spanish, means 'good evening miss'...
We have been here in Cancun for almost a week now and last night was the 1st night I was out on my own.
By "out" I mean at the restaurant in the resort and by "alone" I mean husbandless...
Because Stuart has this AMAZING ability to get sick every single time we go on a long holiday together. He did it in Maldives, in the Red Sea, in Mexico last year and this year again!!!
He has an evil cold... not quite the flu like the other times, but since we are in Mexico, sending him around the resort with the sniffles would equal to sending him into immediate quarantine with this swine flu business...
So, while I was sitting in the room whim him praying the bug wouldn't spread over to my side and hoping my dear husband wasn't bound to turn into bacon soon, he told me to go and enjoy the evening rather than sit bored in our suite.

At first I didn't want to but then I got quite hungry (being vegetarian in Mexico is a curse!) and the room service does't really offer anything for 'my kind of people' other than a salad so, won over by the idea of the massive evening buffet, I left promising to be back soon.

In these past days people have developed a healthy respect for Stuart, they nod when he passes by (6ft2' husband is hard not to notice close to little me), they greet us and it's quite obvious that he is the head of the family and he's in charge even if I am the one speaking Spanish.
But last night it was quite different and I had fun making some considerations on how things change when some constants become variables...

First of all it was the smile of the host at the restaurant - Buenas noches señorita!
"Hello" I said and proceeded to explain that my husband wasn't going to join me for dinner as he wasn't feeling very well (that would make me a Mrs by the way, not a Miss as they insist in calling me!)
His smile enlarged even more (if at all possible) while he escorted me to my table.
Immediately I had 2 waiters by my side
Two? - I thought... Why two? when we never seen more than one every 10 minutes...
But then, it was a lonely señorita having dinner... that's why!
Don't take me wrong, the resort's service is outstanding, not a single bad word can be said about it, pure luxury, but last night any kind of expectation was super exceeded.

The buffet wasn't a buffet anymore, I got taken any kind of vegetarian food there was on offer and asked about a million times if I wished anything extra cooked especially for me by the chef
I decided to see what would happen if I pushed it a bit and in perfect local language asked if it was possible to have an omelette and palm hearts... not the easiest to find...
I thought the waiters were going to burst with excitement at my request and sure enough I got my weird order in less than 5 minutes, piping hot on the table...
I thanked everyone for their kindness, left a nice tip (well deserved I have to say!) and moved on to a little barefoot walk by the pools.
You should see this place, is as exciting in the evening lit by candles as it is in the day by the sun.

Everyone talked to me - Buenas noches señorita - and I always smiled allowing a few kind words for all the pool guys busy preparing the place for another busy day tomorrow.
All quite taken aback that I spoke their language (the majority of guests here are Americans and apparently they rarely speak it) and fascinated by my long flight from the UK and an unsually lengthy stay of two weeks comparede to the average 1 week one.

I got offered drinks, tales of Mayan gods, a few words on tides and the sand level of the beach and then finally I made it back to the room but not before meeting the lady who turns down the room at night who gave me a beautiful bright smile and greeted me with a "Buenas noches señora Kane" and, despite all the attention I got during the evening, her greeting was what made me feel sooo good!

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